Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Best Free Streaming Site for German Audience: Burning Series

If you are looking for a free movie streaming website, Burning Series is perfect for you. Burning Series has been around since 2010 and offers movies in German or English with subtitles. Burning Series offers a wide variety of categories like Action, Comedy, Drama, and Horror - the list goes on! Burning series is great because it doesn't require an account to watch videos so your browsing habits remain private. All this plus that Burning Series is not blocked by any content filters makes this site one of the best free streaming sites out there! 

About Burning Series the movie streaming website 

The main advantages of Burning Series are: it's free with no registration necessary; you can watch any movie you want and do not need to download it or wait for the whole file to be uploaded. 

  • Burning Series is a free movie streaming website for the German Audience.
  • is a .io domain, meaning that it's fully accessible in Germany and other countries without copyright restrictions. 
  • Burning Series offers access to more than 8000 movies with external sources such as Openload, Streamango, or the Burning Series website.
  • Burning Series offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to make navigation easier for any person that is not an expert in technology. 
  • Burning series also has subtitles in German, English, Spanish, or French. 
  • Burning Series also has subtitles in various languages, a user-friendly interface that does not require downloading plug-ins such as Flash player; Burning Series is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to Watch Movies on Your Laptop Using Burning Series Website

The site also boasts easy navigation, no annoying ads (except prerolls), as well as live TV streams in different languages which is great for those who are looking for international TV channels. Burning series also has a "watch again" section wherein you can watch movies or TV shows that have been trending in the past months.

Burning Series is available on your browser, mobile app, and even Kodi as well!

You just need to go to the website, type what movie you want to watch, click the "Play" button, and then enjoy streaming it with Burning Series.

hipstore app has a variety of movies that have been categorized into different genres like Action, Crime Thriller, TV Shows, Witty Comedies, or Drama just to name a few. You can even search by actor/actress in order for you to find your favorite movie.

Burning series features titles like "The Revenant," which won an Oscar for best actor in the 2016 Academy Awards, as well as movies such as "Eden Lake" and "Halloween." Burning Series also has TV shows from other countries like Germany's Next Top Model to America's The Simpsons so there is something for everyone.

Burning series is also available on Kodi as well, which means you can watch movies or TV shows anytime and anywhere without any hassle!